Spain’s Government Urges Immediate and Transparent Investigation into Rubiales Situation


On Wednesday, the Spanish government took a stand, urging transparency and swift action from the nation’s football federation in response to President Luis Rubiales’ controversial kiss on a Women’s World Cup player.

Luis Rubiales, the head of the Spanish football federation (RFEF), found himself at the center of criticism after bestowing a kiss on the lips of Spain’s player, Jenni Hermoso. This embrace occurred following the team’s triumphant victory against England in the final match held in Sydney on Sunday. Initially, Rubiales launched a counterattack against his detractors, only to eventually extend an apology. Despite his remorse, the disapproval of his conduct persists.

In response to the escalating situation, the RFEF called for an emergency meeting slated for Friday and initiated an internal inquiry into the matter. The pressure mounts for decisive action against Rubiales. Victor Francos, Spain’s secretary of sport and the leader of the country’s sports council (CSD), indicated that if the RFEF fails to address the issue satisfactorily, the CSD stands ready to intervene. They retain the authority to elevate the case to Spain’s Administrative Court for Sports.

In an insightful conversation, Francos shared, “I envision that those in charge will engage with the individuals involved and compile a comprehensive report. Personally, I’ve stressed to the federation that this report must embody transparency and urgency. Otherwise, we are compelled to enact additional measures.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also weighed in, asserting that Rubiales’ apology fell short. Francos further elaborated, “The government’s stance is clear — the act is unacceptable. Further steps are underway, and we intend to employ our mechanisms to ensure transparency throughout the process and achieve the appropriate resolution when the time arrives.”

Rubiales has found himself under global and domestic scrutiny, with certain Spanish clubs advocating for his resignation. Getafe’s president, Angel Torres, did not mince words as he expressed his view, stating, “The appropriate course for Rubiales is to step down; his behavior has been deeply disappointing. His tenure as president of the federation cannot continue for even a moment longer.”

Megan Rapinoe, a prominent American forward and one of the most recognizable figures in women’s football, echoed this sentiment in a searing interview with ‘The Atlantic’ on Tuesday. She questioned the circumstances, remarking, “In what kind of world are we living? On the grandest stage, where celebrations should be the focus, Jenni has to endure this man’s physical imposition.” Rapinoe went on to condemn Rubiales’ actions, labeling them as reflective of “a profound level of misogyny and sexism.”

Yolanda Diaz, Second Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Sumar political party, echoed these sentiments, denouncing Rubiales’ behavior as harassment and assault. Diaz called for his resignation and urged the sports council to act against such behavior, asserting that “machismo should not go unpunished.” She also disclosed that Sumar had reported Rubiales to the relevant authority through the platform formerly known as Twitter, now referred to as social media platform X.

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