Zinchenko mimics Jude Bellingham’s goal celebration


Sometimes football leaves us with funny situations as happened after the Euro 2024 match between England and Ukraine. Arsenal full-back Zinchenko, who was chatting with Real Madrid midfielder Bellingham shortly after the match, mimicked the celebrations of the new ‘Merengues’ star
In football, it usually ends when the referee blows the final whistle. A funny situation witnessed the Euro 2024 qualifier between England and Ukraine that does this.

Arsenal goalkeeper Oleksandr Zinchenko, who scored Ukraine’s only goal against the Three Lions, was chatting with Jude Bellingham after the match, along with Ukraine player and Real Madrid team-mate Andriy Lunin

Despite battling for only a few minutes before giving their team the win, the three players seemed to be having some interesting conversation as if they were teammates at one point

What many of us didn’t expect was for the Gunners’ Ukrainian to suddenly mimic the ‘Los Blancos’ star’s famous celebration, opening his arms and prompting smiles from Bellingham and Lunin.

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