Kroos Criticizes Veiga’s Potential Move to Saudi Arabia as “Embarrassing”


Real Madrid’s esteemed midfielder, Toni Kroos, has voiced his personal reservations about the reported change of course in young talent Gabri Veiga’s career trajectory. Originally anticipated to make his move from Celta Vigo to Napoli this summer, the 21-year-old is now rumored to be considering a shift to Saudi Arabian club Al-Ahli.

Toni Kroos chose a succinct but impactful platform to share his sentiments. On an Instagram post by journalist Fabrizio Romano, who had shed light on Veiga’s potential move, the German midfielder offered a single word comment that echoed his disapproval: “Embarrassing.”

Kroos, known for his candid expression of opinions, often sparks discussions and stirs the social media landscape. This openness is also evident in his podcast alongside his brother, where he delves into various topics.

This incident isn’t the first time Kroos has conveyed his reservations. He has previously voiced his concerns about the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, from which he abstained due to his retirement from the German national team. The significant financial enticements from Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, have enticed several prominent football figures to venture into the Saudi league.

The reported shift of Celta Vigo’s young sensation, Gabri Veiga, from Napoli to Al-Ahli has struck a particular chord with Kroos. The fact that Veiga, a burgeoning talent at just 21 years of age, was on the cusp of joining Napoli but was lured by a lucrative offer from the Saudi club has left Kroos noticeably perturbed. It appears that Kroos is emphasizing the potential loss of nurturing and showcasing young talents to financially driven moves in football.

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