Pereira Shocks Arsenal with Season’s Fastest Premier League Goal


Fulham charged onto the field with incredible energy at the Emirates Stadium. Just 57 seconds into the match, they stunned everyone by taking a 1-0 lead with a lightning-fast goal from Andreas Pereira – the quickest goal of this Premier League season.

Andreas Pereira capitalized on a loose ball and surprised Aaron Ramsdale with a shot from a distance, sending the Fulham fans into cheers and hushing the Arsenal supporters.

After conceding, Arsenal responded brilliantly, taking control of the game, and launching continuous attacks. They seemed to have equalized in the 41st minute when Odegaard found the net, assisted by Havertz. However, the goal was disallowed by referee Tierney, as Havertz was ruled offside when receiving the ball before providing the pass to Odegaard.

For Arsenal, dropping points against Fulham would mean missing out on a third consecutive victory. On the flip side, Fulham were eager to bounce back after their heavy defeat against Brentford in the previous week.

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