Ten Hag Evades Greenwood Questions in Manchester United Press Conference


Since Erik ten Hag’s last Manchester United press conference, the club has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Just a few days ago, the Red Devils announced that young striker Mason Greenwood would be leaving the team. This decision came after a thorough internal investigation that spanned seven months, sparked by serious allegations against the 21-year-old, including charges of sexual assault and coercive behavior.

Despite the charges being eventually dropped due to insufficient evidence, the situation has cast a shadow over the club. As Ten Hag took his seat in front of the press on Friday, he was met with a barrage of questions about Greenwood’s unfortunate case.

First, the manager was probed about the investigation process and its outcome. With a measured tone, he responded, “You know, right now our focus is on the team’s performance. There’s a lot of work to be done, a lot to improve. I’m directing my energy towards the players who are currently on hand.”

The questions persisted, as Ten Hag was asked whether he had expected Greenwood to be a part of his squad and if he had wanted him there. Evading the direct inquiry, he once again emphasized the importance of the team’s overall performance. “I’m here to talk about how we can enhance our squad, elevate our performance. It’s quite evident that we need to work on our game and bring out the best in the team.”

Lastly, he faced queries about his interactions with the former player throughout the investigative process. Ten Hag’s response remained consistent, focusing on the present and those players currently in the squad. “My conversations are centered on the players at hand, the ones I have to work with and guide to success.”

Navigating these sensitive questions with professionalism, Ten Hag underscored his commitment to the team’s improvement and success, even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

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