Spanish Football Federation Contemplates Legal Action Over Alleged Hermoso ‘Falsehoods’


The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and its President, Luis Rubiales, have vowed to take legal action against what they perceive as false statements made by Spanish footballer Hermoso. Rubiales declared that they will take multiple legal steps to defend his honor.

Hermoso had recently stated that she did not give consent for a kiss on the lips following Spain’s World Cup victory, contradicting Rubiales’ version of events. The disagreement between Hermoso and Rubiales led to a significant upheaval, with 80 Spain players refusing to participate for the national team until leadership changes are made.

In response to Rubiales’ refusal to step down amid criticism, the players decided to strike. Rubiales had claimed that the kiss was mutual and consensual, stating that Hermoso agreed to it. He also claimed that she lifted him in her arms, which Hermoso strongly denied, describing the situation as an assault.

The RFEF even published images on their website to back Rubiales’ version of events. Their threat of legal action is aimed at those who may have damaged the president’s reputation, not only Hermoso and her union.

Hermoso’s union, Futpro, stated that the players are striking to bring about change. Earlier, 15 players had taken a similar stance against the federation and coach Jorge Vilda, but many later relented, and some played in the World Cup. Now, several players, including Hermoso, have vowed not to play for Spain as long as Rubiales and potentially other officials remain in their positions.

Rubiales faced criticism from politicians and figures alike, prompting the Spanish government to start a process that could lead to his suspension. FIFA has also initiated a disciplinary investigation into his behavior during the final.

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