Greenwood: “I accept I made mistakes”


Mason Greenwood, who was suspended by Manchester United in January 2022, has been released by the Manchester club following an internal investigation. “I didn’t do the things I was accused of, but I accept I made mistakes,” he stated.

Manchester United and Mason Greenwood have both agreed to allow the defender to leave Old Trafford after he faced allegations of abusing a young woman, the club announced on Monday.

The Premier League giants have suspended the 21-year-old striker from January 2022, after allegations, pictures and videos emerged online Prosecutors said in February that charges against Greenwood, including rape and attempted sexual assault, were dropped after key witnesses recanted and new evidence came to light.

On Monday, the team said it was letting Greenwood go after a six-month investigation into his conduct so he could try to rebuild his career elsewhere.

The club said on Monday: “Everyone involved, including Mason, is aware of the difficulty of resuming his Manchester United career. It has therefore been agreed that it would be more appropriate for him to do so away from.

” Old Trafford, and then we will.” Mason to get that result.” Let’s get the job done.” Greenwood’s comments Consequently, the defender has decided to release his own statement to express his feelings on the decision taken by both sides. “I want to start by saying I understand that people will judge me because of what they’ve seen and heard on social media, and I know people will think very badly.”

“I was raised to know that violence or abuse is wrong in any relationship, I didn’t do the things I was accused of, and all my charges were dropped in February.

However, I fully admit that I made mistakes in my relationships, and I take my share of responsibility for the circumstances that led to the social media post.” “I’m learning to understand my responsibility as a role model as a professional football player, and to focus on the greater responsibility of being it.”

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