Ancelotti Criticizes Rubiales’ World Cup Kiss, Deeming it Inappropriate for a Federation President


RFEF Chief’s Controversial World Cup Kiss Sparks Strong Reactions and Calls for Action”

Outrage erupted when the federation (RFEF) president kissed midfielder Jenni Hermoso during the gold medal ceremony after Spain’s World Cup victory over England in Sydney on Sunday.

Hermoso, along with her players’ union Futpro, issued a joint statement urging action against the president. The RFEF promptly organized an emergency meeting for Friday and initiated an investigation into the incident.

Carlo Ancelotti, speaking at a news conference, expressed his concern about the incident. “It’s a very sensitive matter; like most people, I found the behavior unsettling. It wasn’t fitting for a federation president,” Ancelotti commented.

The Italian coach chose not to delve deeper into the issue. “I don’t know whether he should resign or not. I believe he will make the appropriate decision,” Ancelotti added.

Rafa Benitez, the manager of Celta Vigo, who are set to face Real Madrid in La Liga, also weighed in. “The focus should be on the national team’s success, but regrettably, it has taken a backseat. We can all agree that we witnessed inappropriate behavior, and the competent authorities are responsible for making decisions,” said Benitez.

Initially defensive, Rubiales later offered an apology, but the backlash against his actions continues. Hermoso, alongside Futpro, issued a joint statement advocating for accountability. The union declared, “We are dedicated to ensuring that such incidents do not go unpunished. We seek appropriate sanctions and the implementation of exemplary measures to safeguard female footballers from behavior that we consider unacceptable.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had previously remarked that Rubiales’ apology fell short of addressing the situation. Meanwhile, Liga F, the Spanish women’s football league, has demanded Rubiales’ dismissal, amplifying the growing calls for action.

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