Ronaldo’s Emotions Take Over: He Appeals for Three Penalties and Confronts the Referee


In the closing moments of the first half during a crucial match against Shabab Al Ahli (Dubai), Cristiano Ronaldo’s emotions got the best of him. The Portuguese star, who has been residing in Saudi Arabia for eight months now, found himself in what could be termed his most challenging game yet. The match held immense significance, serving as the gateway to the group stage of the Asian Champions League.

In an unexpected turn of events, the usually composed No. 7, a key player under the guidance of coach Luis Castro, exhibited an image of sheer frustration. Ronaldo fervently appealed for three penalties during the initial half of the match against Shabab Al Ahli (Dubai). His passionate pleas were met with disbelief from the star himself, leading to a crescendo of emotions that played out on the field.

The culmination of his frustration was evident as he confronted the referee before making his way to the tunnel. An incident also occurred where he engaged physically with a member of the United Arab Emirates team, revealing a side of him that is rarely seen. Adding to the drama, Ronaldo implored one of the referees to review the action on the screen, although the absence of VAR in this particular match made this plea futile.

The first contentious moment emerged in the 9th minute when Al Nassr launched an attack down the left flank, resulting in a pass to Ronaldo within the penalty box. As he maneuvered past two defenders, he was brought down in what he believed was a clear penalty situation. However, the referee’s decision left him incredulous.

The narrative continued to unfold in stoppage time, with two more incidents causing a stir. A mesmerizing bicycle kick was thwarted by a defender’s hand, and a dazzling run along the left flank concluded with a tussle between a defender and Ronaldo. Yet again, the referee’s judgment did not align with Ronaldo’s viewpoint, pushing his frustration to the brink.

In the midst of these tumultuous events, Cristiano Ronaldo’s emotional reactions shed light on his passionate commitment to the game. Despite his stature as an international football icon, his humanity and fiery determination were on full display as he grappled with a series of unfortunate refereeing decisions.

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